Bro Gary and Sister Tammy

Gary Schwer is the director of Hands Across the Border and currently lives in Sonora Mexico with his wife Tammy. They have been married since 1984 . He has pastored for nearly 2 decades and has been conducting ministry in Mexico since 2005. He has helped to start 6 churches, and has averaged delivering 3 million pieces of Scripture every year since 2009. The vision for the future includes not only church planting and Scripture delivery but an orphanage, Bible institute, Radio station, and a Yearly Bible conference to help encourage national pastors.

Bro Shawn and Sister Krista

Evangelist Shawn Cuthbertson is the Assistant Director of Hands Across the Border and has worked with Brother Schwer for many years to get the gospel to the Hispanic people. He has been in the ministry for over twenty-six years as pastor and evangelist. Brother Cuthbertson was married for twenty-five years until his late wife went to Heaven and has now been married to his wife Krista for six years. Brother Cuthbertson has four grown children and six grandchildren. Brother Cuthbertson is available for revival meetings, missions meetings, men's and family conferences as the Lord leads.


Brother Michael Rushing is a representative for Hands Across the Border since early fall 2021. He has been a believer since the age of 10. Brother Michael served in various aspects of church ministry from youth leader, Sunday school teacher, church treasurer, director of visitation and church planter. Brother Rushing was married for twenty-four years until his late wife went to Heaven and is now married to his wife Kelly , who accepted Christ at age 11, and worked through many volunteer opportunities to share the love of God. Between the two, we have 5 Children (three grown) and 2 grandchildren. It is our desire to ensure church congregations and individuals are aware of the need to spread the Gospel 1 Cor 15: 1-4, and the need for Bible’s to be in the hands of all seeking for truth. We believe as a couple; it is our calling and direction from the Lord to help this ministry get out over 4 million articles (average 2021) of God’s gospel literature and Word all throughout western Mexico.