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Bible Delivery to Culiacan, Sinaloa

Gary and Tammy Schwer

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Pray with us for Western Mexico

Dear Pastor, Supporters, and praying friends,

These last two months seem like a whirlwind. We have hit the ground running and have not slowed down. Thank you for continuing to partner with us.

SCRIPTURE DELIVERY: We were able to complete our delivery to Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico with 856,000 pieces of scripture. Over 40 pastors came and picked up scripture for their churches and to share with other churches. My cousin George came with us he had played in the NFL for 8 years, he was able to give his testimony in our church plants, also many people asked for his autograph and picture with him, he would give his autograph by signing a gospel tract. As I write we are now waiting to get 15 pallets across the border. Once these get across, we will begin to make deliveries.

Church Plants: The mission work is continuing. While we are away Brother Octavio has been heading everything up. We are continuing to see visitors coming and a good solid group in both missions that are growing in the Lord.

CITY OF REFUGE ORPHANAGE: We are praising the Lord that the land has been purchased and all the paperwork is finished. Glory!!! Lord willing, we will begin to build in July.

INVITATION: We have been contacted about mission trips. The best time to come would be last week of September and the first week of October we do a big outreach during the pilgrimage here, Also the first two weeks of December we will be doing our operation compassion. If you would like to come help while we are building the orphanage we always need help. If you are interested in coming give us a call.

TRAVELS IN THE US: We traveled across the border into the US to pick up Scripture in Mississippi. We were also able to travel and preach in Georgia, Arkansas, and Texas. The Lord blessed as I was able to preach a Missions conference and check in with some of our supporting churches.

OPERATION COMPASSION: Prayerfully consider partnering with us for Operation Compassion 2021. We will be getting backpacks with toys and bibles for the children of Mexico. Our goal this year is 2,000 backpacks at $10 per backpack. If you are interested with partnering with us this year, please let us know as soon as possible. Also come down and be part of this great outreach.

Your Missionaries to Western Mexico Gary & Tammy Schwer

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. (Romans 1:17)

Who We Are and What We Do

Hands Across The Border is a local church mission's ministry devoted to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to those beyond our Southern border. Our mission is rooted in the distribution of Bibles to Mexico and equipping pastors and local churches with the resources and training they need to reach others. We're also devoted to evangelizing Western Mexico through the establishment of new churches in the area. All of our efforts are to bring every part of the world closer to God so they may know Him and everlasting salvation.

As a non-profit organization, we appreciate your support and contribution to our cause. If you're interested in joining us or making a contribution, call us at (480) 415-1688 or click here for more details.

  • Scripture Distribution

  • Scripture Distribution

  • Scripture Distribution

  • Scripture Distribution

  • Picking up scripture from Brother Ray Crawford

  • Brother Gary Schwer and Brother Ray Crawford

Operation Compassion


"And of some have compassion makinga difference Jude 22

HATB Mexico missions would like to invite you to partner with us in our annual OERATION COMPASSION BACKPACK OUTREACH. This is an opportunity to make Christmas a little extra special for children who do not have a lot to look forward to during Christmas. More important than the new backpack and toys inside that each child receives, is the eternal gift of Salvation that is offered in the Word of God that is included for the children and their families. For about $10 you can be part in giving joy and Jesus to a child this Christmas . Thank you for your prayers and compassion.


  • Pray for open doors and open hearts
  • Pass on to others how they ca n be a part of Operation Compassion 2021
  • Partner with HATB by sending yur operation compassion 2021 love gift.

  • HATB can purchase all backpacks and contents buy bulk
  • Each back back and contents is approximately $10
  • You can begin sending your love gift anytime our deadline is October 31st
  • You can send you love gift to PO Box or online at our website.

PO BOX 524
Nogales, AZ 85628

  • If your church would like to make Operation Compassion 2021 a church wide project by putting together your own backpacks , please contact Bro Gary Schwer 480-415-1688 or Bro. Shawn Cuthbertson 870-489-6546 for more information.


A major part of the mission work we focus on is evangelization through scripture distribution. It's our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and read His word for themselves.


Another cornerstone to our work at Hands Across The Border is providing existing churches with the resources they need to teach and train their own congregations. These resources are very valuable to all.


The final focus is to establish local churches in various parts of Mexico, including Sonora, Sinaloa, and the Baja Peninsula. There is no greater cause than having a part in the everlasting salvation of others.

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